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Jan 13

This is a full-time analyst position, and you will be an active member of the core investment team. After two years, you will either be promoted to Associate, or we'll help you find an opportunity in our portfolio, or fund your next entreprenurial adventure.

We are a remote-first company, and already work across US and China timezones. We are preferablly looking for an analyst in Singapore, Hong Kong, or China, but are open to candidates in the US and Europe as well.

You do not need to have any prior work experience, or any formal education.

The short version of the job description is: there are questions to be answered, and your job is to answer those questions by whatever means are necessary (reading, talking to entrepreneurs and other investors, crunching numbers, etc).

We will provide lots of questions for you, but the best analysts are people who can figure out what questions to ask, and figure out how to answer them without any external input.

After answering questions, you will be expected to write analyses and share them internally and in some cases, externally. See our blog for externally shared examples.

Writing, curiosity, and critical thinking are by far the most important attributes for team members in this position. We don't over index on resumes or accolades. We’re looking for individuals that have a strong, foundational understanding of the crypto industry and that know how to think from first principles.

While it’s not necessary, we’re also especially fond of candidates who are technical, and/or who can read or speak other languages (Chinese, Korean, Russian, or Japanese).

Application Process

This is a hands-on, interactive application process. It is meant to be difficult.

The first step in the process is to produce a written analysis that's on par with the essays we publish on our blog. We don't expect you to write a 12-page formal asset analysis. But the quality of your application essay should be on par with what we regularly share. Please read our blog to establish a baseline prior to applying.

We’re looking for applicants to present a sound hypothesis and then to substantiate it. Any subject within crypto is fair game so long as you’re specific—be as specific as possible.

The more contrarian, the better, too.

We are not looking for macro theses, such as "Bitcoin is going to change the world for X, Y, and Z reasons," or "Why Smart Contracts Matter," or "Why Jamie Dimon is wrong about Bitcoin," or "How blockchains are going to reshape X." We are also not looking for an overview of crypto generally or any one particular asset. We’re looking for you to be very specific, and to take a non-consensus view and defend it.

There are a few ways to accomplish this. You could share an analysis of a specific DeFi sector such as insurance, or perpetual trading, or options, and then present an opinionated conclusion on which model(s) are best and why. We want you to take an opinion, and justify it.

We'd recommend staying away from BTC or ETH (though there are lots of opportunities in the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems, such as mining, or DeFi, and many others). It is much harder to produce truly novel thoughts BTC and ETH given how much has been written about them.

Any length is fine. If you can blow us away in 50 words, great. Proving you write concisely is fantastic. Feel free to leverage any graphics or videos from around the web to make your case. Or make your own. Whatever's necessary to get the point across clearly.

This application process should be difficult. You should be proud of your output. Do not optimize for speed. Optimize for quality.

If you're concerned that we're close to issuing an offer to someone else and don't want to risk the time commitment, just ask Kyle via DM on Twitter.

To Apply

To apply, please email your resume and application essay to Kyle at using the subject "IA applicant - [Your name]"

We do not look at applicants who click "I'm Interested" or "Apply" buttons on AngelList.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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