Our Why

We're committed to connecting blockchain-related projects with the top talent in the space. We do this by offering a fast and easy-to-use job search engine that features both listings of available positions and curated listings of trusted, high-quality projects from around the world.

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We work with top companies to offer you a curated selection of the best jobs in crypto. Whether you're looking for your first crypto job or want to move up the career ladder, Hiresatoshi is here to help!

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It's hard to get your role in front of the right talent. Unlike general job search boards and aggregators like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed and others, HireSatoshi is focused solely on those looking to hire the best people and work in the best roles in crypto. We believe in "less but better" - your role won't get lost in the noise of a general job board. HireSatoshi is a fast and easy way to get your job noticed.

We have multiple channels of distribution and a simple interface that ensures your job will be found by the right person.

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Hiresatoshi has jobs from all over the world, so even if you're looking for a job in Argentina or India, we'll always have something perfect for you.